Condolence Wreaths

I spoke with my friends at Little Flower Hut recently about the etiquette associated with expressing condolences when a loved one passes away and they offered their thoughts to me –

Flowers can be one of the best ways for you to express your emotions. They symbolize love, respect, sympathy, and condolence if someone you know or dear to your heart has passed away. This is the reason why flowers are common at funeral’s – they serve as a visible tribute to the deceased. If you do intend to send a condolence wreath to a relative or a friend, then it’s important you choose the right flowers and make sure that it is presented the best way possible to show the intended respect.

Reasons for Sending a Condolence Wreath

It is important for you to know the value of sending a condolence wreath for someone you know who has passed away. It can be a way for you to show how much you treasure the relationship that you have had together and as a final opportunity to show respect. With so many variations that you can choose from, you really have to know which one to have for the wreath to most fully show your support and sympathy for the deceased and their loved ones. Listed below are some of the reasons why it is necessary that you send flowers at a funeral.

  • Sentiment – The idea of sending flowers at a funeral is a simple action to show the value of sentiments. This can be a group of feelings and ideas that you have experienced.
  • Belief – Knowing that people before have already been sending funeral flowers, it is expected that you will do the same.
  • Freedom of Expression – The simplest way for you to express your emotions when someone dies is to send a condolence wreath. Besides, flowers are known to easily touch the heart.
  • Atmosphere – The best way to create a peaceful and warmth ambiance at a funeral service is by using flowers.
  • Spiritual Significance – Flowers don’t only signify love and sympathy but they also represent immortality and infinity.

People obviously feel depressed and down if someone they love died. So if you want to show sympathy and respect, then you can think of sending a condolence wreath. Flowers definitely have a symbolic meaning especially in situations where people feel extreme emotions. They are not only a symbol for the living but they also play an important role to the departed. You don’t have to travel from one flower shop to another when searching for a wreath instead you can go online and look for different condolence wreath from different florists where you can have lots of flowers and arrangements to choose from.

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Experience Cherry Blossoms in Singapore!


Japan’s Cherry Blossoms are one of those ‘must do’ travel experiences for many people but, if you can’t make it to Japan at this time of year, you might still be able to participate in ‘hanami‘ in Singapore.

Marina Gardens by the Bay are holding their inaugural ‘Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) from 16th March to 8th April (9.00am – 9.00pm) along with a range of additional Japanese themed activities and display’s. Full details here.

Changi Grabs “Best Airport” Title for 6th Consecutive Year!


Changi Airport in Singapore has held onto the top spot in Skytrax’ “Best Airport” survey for the 6th year running – incidentally, the only airport to do this since the annual survey began in 1999.

Asian airports dominated the top rankings, taking out 6 of the top 10 spots, with Munich, Heathrow, Zurich, and Frankfurt also in the mix. (Heathrow? Really???).

“Why Asean is good for Singapore”

For those who weren’t aware, Singapore assumes the Chairmanship of ASEAN for 2018 under ASEAN’s annual rotation system across the 10 member countries.

The attached link is a terrific opinion piece in today’s Straits Times by Singapore’s ‘Ambassador- at Large’ in their Ministry of Foreign Affairs on what this may mean for Singapore itself as well as the opportunity for ASEAN as a whole.

Changi Airport to Assume Passenger are Responsible Adults


From Jan 1st Changi Airport will no longer provide announcements for “Final Boarding’s” or provide pages for specific passengers. 

In line with a growing international trend, only essential announcements (lost children, gate changes, flight delays, etc) will be made. Hong Kong adopted this approach years ago with no measurable impact on flight performance or efficiency.

The only significant objection has come from Australia’s Jetstar Airlines – not surprising, considering how unaccustomed Australian’s are to taking responsibility for themselves.

Electric car sharing programme launched in Singapore

Singapore’s first large-scale electric car sharing programme has been officially launched this week. As of the 12th Dec launch, the scheme has 80 battery-powered hatchbacks and 32 charging locations / drop off points around the Island. By 2020, the goal is to have 1,000 cars, along with 500 charging locations offering 2,000 charging points which would make it the second-largest electric-car sharing programme in the world (after Paris with more than 4000 cars). The infrastructure is provided by BlueSG, a subsidiary of French conglomerate Bollore Group which operates the Paris scheme.

Researchers from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University create cyborg insect

NTU researchers have developed what they say is the world’s smallest cyborg insect, which they can move right and left, backward and forward, with the click of a button.

The researcher’s motives are entirely altruistic, developing this technology for rescue operations to help find survivors in disaster areas where the insects can crawl through cracks and crevices. It is planned that, eventually, the insects will carry a range of sensors which will indicate the presence of trapped survivors.