Japan railway ‘deeply sorry’ after train leaves 20 seconds early

I love Japan!!

A Japanese railway operator has issued a deep apology for the “tremendous nuisance” caused by a train departing 20 seconds early.


Global Innovation Index 2017 – Singapore Tops Asia in 7th Place

The 2017 Global Innovation Index has out for a few months now but I was looking at it again today and thought it worthwhile posting.

As has been the case for a number of years now, Singapore tops the regional rankings coming in at 7th place overall (down from 6th last year). Next comes South Korea (11th), Japan (14th), Hong Kong (16th) and PRChina (22nd) finishing up the ASEAN and Asian entries in the top 25.

The Index is prepared annually by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and, this year, looked at 127 countries across 82 metrics such as education, infrastructure, financial systems, labor force, and others.

Singapore Ranked as World’s Number 2 Smart City

Singapore has come in at 2nd place in the latest Smart Cities Index, narrowly missing out to Copenhagen for top spot.

EasyPark Group, a Stockholm-based ‘smart parking’ company and leading advocate for efficient urban systems, took an original list of 500 cities globally and applied 19 different metrics to rank the cities according to “those which are making their citizens lives smoother through digitalization”. Metrics included penetration of 4G and Wi-Fi hotspots, smartphone usage, car sharing apps, traffic sensors, clean energy, and access to online government services. 4G, plentiful Wi-Fi hotspots and high smartphone usage.

Elsewhere in Asia, Tokyo came in at #6 and Seoul at #21.