If you have any aspirations at all of doing business in China and you’re not utilising WeChat, China’s largest social network and mobile eCommerce platform, then you should be.



Malaysia – Business Cards

A quick couple of comments on Malaysian business card etiquette.

In Malaysia, it’s important to have three different set of business cards for the three different demographic groupings you’ll inevitably meet there. If you’re meeting with Malays, the business card you need to give them must have your name and contact details printed in Bahasa Malaysia on one side. If you’re meeting with Chinese, your business card must have these details printed in simplified Chinese (ideally in gold Continue reading “Malaysia – Business Cards”

Singapore’s Orchard Road Lights Up for Christmas 2017

Orchard Road’s “Light Up Ceremony” for Christmas 2017 is scheduled for November 11.

Travelers more used to experiencing the Christmas Season in North America or Europe might be surprised to see just how Festive some of the Asian capitals are. I’ve been fortunate to experience Christmas in Singapore and the roving performers, pop-up stores, side street activities, and interactive displays make it a great place to be at this time of year!

Travel Tip – Tipping in the Philippines

Although the Philippines, in general, is not a tipping culture the practice is becoming more common. Rather than trying to work to any complicated formula, I usually just tip a flat PHP50 – 100(~USD $1 – 2) to cafe and hotel staff and PHP200 (~USD $4) at upscale restaurants. This is more than you will find as the recommended amount in the various tourist guides but, to a typical Westerner, PHP200 is not going to be missed whereas it is Continue reading “Travel Tip – Tipping in the Philippines”

Chinese Students Questioning the Value of International Education

More and more stories of Chinese students whose parents sold their home to pay for an overseas university education but only found jobs handing out product samples or in call center’s has sparked debate in China questioning the value of overseas education.

Often the choice to send a student overseas is made by a parent, based on the experience of international education 15 years ago, before the huge increase in the number of Chinese students studying abroad. Continue reading “Chinese Students Questioning the Value of International Education”