Philippines Passport Data Stolen by “Pissed”Contractor

This strikes me as both hilarious and concerning and a great example of “only in the Philippines”!

In an event that has impacted all passport’s issued before 2010, the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro (Teddy) Locsin Jr. said on January 9 that “(the) previous (passport production) contractor got pissed when terminated (and) made off with data.” The Department didn’t take any action at the time “because we were in the wrong. What I heard – and there are so many stories in the affected department – they sued us for wrongful termination.” This has impacted all passports issued before 2010 when supporting documentation such as birth certificates was digitized.

Aside from the breach of privacy issues, at a practical level it means anyone renewing a passport originally issued in or prior to 2009 will need to again provide originals of supporting documentation.

Let’s hope that other Departments, such as Defense, don’t piss off any other contractors in the future.


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