Boodle Fight!!!!

Boodle Fight

If you’re lucky and have been successful at making friends in the Philippines you may have the terrific experience of being invited to a Boodle Fight! Boodle Fights originated in the Filipino military when a big pile of food (rice, meats, fruits, vegetables) for the hungry men was served on banana leaves in the middle of a long table in the mess hall. There were no plates and no cutlery and the men simply grabbed what they could with their hands before the food ran out (hence ‘fight’). The tradition lives on and is about as Filipino a dining experience as you can get. The modern Boodle Fight is often an (extended) family affair and, if you’re fortunate enough to be invited to one, roll up your sleeves, leave your pretensions at home, and have fun!


Buying property in Malaysia as a Foreigner

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Following up my previous post on buying property in the Philippines, I’d thought I’d move on to Malaysia. The usual caveats apply!!!! I’m not a financial consultant, nor real estate guru!! With that said…..

Malaysia lies right in the heart of the South China Sea, a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural country that was recently ranked by the World Bank as the number one emerging economy in East Asia, and number four in Asia overall.

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Asia-Pac’ dominates world’s busiest air routes


OAG Aviation Worldwide Ltd have just released their annual ‘Punctuality League’ report for 2017 which includes ranking for the busiest Domestic and International air routes.

Asia-Pac’ dominated with 7 of the 10 busiest domestic routes in the region, the top one being the trip between Seoul and Jeju – a small holiday island and UNESCO World Heritage site of the South Korean Coast.

Second was Australia’s Melbourne – Sydney route.

The full report is at OAG.

Philippines President Duterte maintains record high approval ratings


The latest survey by Pulse Asia (Dec. 2017) of 1,200 local adults has shown that  President Duterte’s trust and approval ratings continue to remain at record high levels.

President Duterte received an approval score of 80 percent (against seven percent who disapproved of his performance). The President’s trust rating also increased by two points (cf the previous survey) from 80 percent to 82 percent, making him by far the most trusted Government official in the country.


“Why Asean is good for Singapore”

For those who weren’t aware, Singapore assumes the Chairmanship of ASEAN for 2018 under ASEAN’s annual rotation system across the 10 member countries.

The attached link is a terrific opinion piece in today’s Straits Times by Singapore’s ‘Ambassador- at Large’ in their Ministry of Foreign Affairs on what this may mean for Singapore itself as well as the opportunity for ASEAN as a whole.