Travel Tip – Underwear!

If there’s one thing that used to annoy me during my early days as a frequent business traveller it was managing a supply of clean ‘jocks and socks (J&S)’! I have a personal aversion to carrying around a laundry bag of dirty underwear in my suitcase with the permanent intention of getting them cleaned ‘at the next hotel’. Even when you’re on site at any particular location for more than 48 hours, the choices are (1) use the hotel laundry service (with associated cost and environmental impact) or (2) wash the damn things yourself, hanging them on every available point in the bathroom and praying they dry overnight.

I don’t anymore.

Now what I do is make a quick visit to Walmart, BigW, or local equivalent prior to travel and buy enough J&S to last me for the trip, assuming a fresh set each day. Ten days worth of cheap J&S might only cost $20 – $30 and take up surprisingly little room in the suitcase.  At the end of each night during the trip they get bagged and binned in the bathroom trash (make sure you bag them!) and a fresh set come out of the suitcase each morning to be worn.

If I’m travelling for more than 10 days or so, I still do the same thing but do a quick restock wherever I happen to be at the time when my initial supply runs out.

The advantages of this – no carrying around dirty underwear or rinsing them out in the bathroom sink; it usually works out a lot cheaper than hotel laundry; it may not seem it but the environmental impact is actually less than that of washing (water, detergent, energy); and – best of all – my suitcase actually gets lighter and less full as the trip goes on!