Chinese Students Questioning the Value of International Education

More and more stories of Chinese students whose parents sold their home to pay for an overseas university education but only found jobs handing out product samples or in call center’s has sparked debate in China questioning the value of overseas education.

Often the choice to send a student overseas is made by a parent, based on the experience of international education 15 years ago, before the huge increase in the number of Chinese students studying abroad.

Then, only one third of graduates returned to China to work, now many more – about 80 per cent – are returning home, meaning more competition for jobs.

But in many cases, Chinese companies have already filled positions with local graduates.

The full Sydney Morning Herald report is sobering news for Australia and other Western countries which have tied the financial viability of their Higher Education sectors to an assumption of a never-ending demand of Chinese students seeking a degree at foreign colleges and universities. In Australia, international education is the nations’ third biggest export earner, worth about AUD$22Bn per year.