Travel Tip – Aircraft Tray Tables

Frequent air travelers know that long haul aircraft aren’t exactly the most hygienic environment in the world. Ever given a thought to one of the dirtiest surfaces in any plane? Your tray table. These get sneezed on, thrown up on, coughed on, have nappies changed on them, spit on….you name it. Yet we happily eat off them, rest our faces on them while sleeping……even though they typically only get a cursory cleaning in between flights.

These days, as soon as I take my seat, I flip the table and apply a liberal dose of hand sanitizer. I use a decent handful of tissues and make sure I thoroughly wipe every square inch, including the latch (it doesn’t hurt to do the same to your armrests either).  Does it help? All I know is that I’m more comfortable having one less source of potential infection during a 15 hour flight in close quarters with 250 of my “closest friends”!



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